Have you ever had something on your mind that you want to shout from the rooftops?

This is how I’ve been feeling after I made the decision to become a Beautycounter consultant last year.  Since then I’ve been struggling with how to spread Beautycounter’s mission to get safe and healthy products into the hands of everyone via social media.  So many people have told me to start a blog.  My reply was always “But I’m not a writer”.  Talk about the best way to put myself on a dead end street.  Ugh!  So needless to say I am scared to death about writing this first blog post you are reading right now but here it goes anyhow…..

Last April, I got a phone call from a very close friend of mine, Val, who lives in my hometown Oswego, NY.  She was all abuzz about a new company called Beautycounter and how they have formulated these amazing products that are safe and healthy for your body.  (My first thought… “my product’s aren’t safe?)  She continues…it’s a ground floor multi-level marketing opportunity she said.  Now, let me stop right there and say….if any other friend of mine called me up and said “Hey Heather, do you want to join me in selling Avon or Thirty-One Bags or Lia Sophia”…. or any of those other companies that direct sell their merchandise I would have said absolutely not!!!.  I have always been skeptical of “pyramid scheme” companies.  But this was different (and now I’m learning).  This was Val, my very smart, business savvy, thinks-like-me  friend who works as a pharmaceutical rep for dermatology offices.  She knows her stuff so I knew I had to take a look.  The first thing I did was watch this video:

And then I was hooked.  I signed up to be a consultant that evening and haven’t looked back since.  Yes there have been some bumps in the road and things didn’t get rolling too quickly right away because I have never been in sales before, I felt like I was on two left feet.  To be frank, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing but I knew I had to press on.  I knew that being a part of this company was going to be important to me, my family, my friends and millions of Americans who have no idea about these few facts:

  • There has not been a Federal regulation passed governing cosmetic ingredients since 1938
  • Your skin is your largest organ and can absorb up to 60% of what you put on it
  • The average American puts between 12 and 20 products on per day and we’re not just talking make-up, think about toothpaste, deodorant, shaving cream – all of it.
  • There are about 12,000 ingredients used in all personal care products, 80% of those have never been tested for safety on human health.
  • Our children’s generation is the first generation of people that will live sicker and die younger than the generation before.

The number of synthetic ingredients (and therefore possible toxins) introduced to us in the past 80 years is astronomical and something needs to be done.

The best part about Beautycounter is that we do not expect you to just automatically buy the products.  Think… do the research, we will help you find what to look for but if you do not  want to do the homework… we have done it for you and have a line of products that are amazing.

Also know that Beautycounter works hand in hand with three non-profit organizations – The Environmental Working Group, Healthy Child-Healthy World and The Campaign For Safe Cosmetics.  This speaks volumes in my eyes.

My goal is to post a blog at least once a week.  In these blogs will be information on what to look for when you’re shopping for products, how our products work and how you can help in the mission to make this problem obsolete for our future generations.

Thank you for taking the time to read my first ever blog and I hope you will join me!.  🙂