Doesn’t matter what you call it…. I am this.  I know there are many different extremes and I think I’m somewhere in the middle but I am this.  I am definitely this and it’s a detriment and a blessing all wrapped in one. Do you now anyone like me?  I know lots of women who are this way.

Being on top of things is what we thrive for.  We want to be on it, ahead of it, with it and more.  But does it always help?  Let’s see….

Here’s the Good:

1. We will NEVER run out of bread or toilet paper!  We make list upon list and lists of lists in order of the store, right?  Ehem… I mean, that’s what I do.  There is always a backup, a stock pile… just in case we can’t get to the store in the next 2 weeks for some reason.  What that reason could be I’m not sure.

2. We will be successful no matter what we do.  We will make mistakes as everyone does, but we will always come out on top and come out smelling like a rose because we have a plan “B” and “C” and sometimes even “D”.

3. We will always have enough.  Even though we strive for perfection before an event, achievement or goal, once we pull it off we will be satisfied. It’s the anticipation that really gets us.

The Bad:

1. Your mind races. Yea… that’s enough about that.

2. Your thoughts are scattered so your potential for optimal success is not where it should be.

3. The mind racing and scattered thoughts can be cause for serious procrastination.  Make a list and complete the easiest and most likely unhelpful for growth tasks first… then we will get to the others.  Ugh.  I do this ALL the time.  And it all has to be done today!  No yesterday!  Talk about overwhelming yourself!

***I have to put a personal note on this one.  I was given an assignment to take 3-5 minutes per day to write a journal, write about thoughts in my head, things I feel guilty about, things I feel resentment about etc. etc.  And guess what?  This was so hard for me!  Taking that much time for something so “all about me” seems so foreign and what’s the point?  I have lists to make and toilet paper to buy – ugh!  I hope I can do better this week!

This picture below of me trying to relax.  Do I look relaxed?  You tell me! (Hint: I’m not, at all!)


The Ugly:

1. We will miss out on great success and the better lives that we want.

2. We will miss out on spending time with those we love in a relaxing way.  Wouldn’t it be nice to really be able to sit back and smell the roses without always thinking I should be doing this or this or that instead of playing with my kids?

3. We will miss out being able to enjoy LIFE!  We are here on earth for such a short time.  Enjoying it is of utmost importance!

Some tips for you and what I’m trying to do right now:

1, Step back and look at the big picture, decide what’s important and do it.

2. Make a list but split it up into small projects, large projects, daily and weekly to do’s so things can be organized but spread out.

3. Take some time for you and just breathe.

I know easier said than done but I hope this helps you a bit if you are feeling like I’m feeling!  Please let me know your thoughts!

Cheers to you!