Where do your toxin's hide- (2)

Here are three things to consider when reading the ingredient labels for your products.

1. Fragrance – Fragrance is a word that you should never see on any of the products you are using.  It tells you nothing and can be anything. Because fragrances are trade secret, companies are not obligated to tell you whats in them.  There could be 1, 2 10 or even 1200 separate ingredients within that word.

2. Chemical Reactions – Some chemicals are not intentionally added to products, but are contaminants or are present as the result of chemical reactions happening inside the bottle of product.  This is why it’s so important that you chose products from a company that is conscious of this problem and addresses it when choosing the packaging for their products.

3. Bulk Preservatives – When manufacturing companies buy bulk ingredients from suppliers they are often getting an already-preserved ingredient but the end product does not have to list the preservative that is tagging along.  Again make sure you are purchasing products from a company that is aware of this issue.

It’s bad enough that the entire cosmetics industry is self regulated but the reality is we have to educate ourselves and be aware of everything.  I know that Beautycounter takes all three of these problems into consideration when formulating their products.  I always know exactly what I am getting and I can be assured that it is safe.  This is the kind of thing I am willing to pay a little extra for as well.