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And I LOVE it!  My adrenalin starts to run high when I get the first e-mail that a consignment sale is coming up.  For those of you who have never been – go!  If there’s not one in your area – start one up!  It will draw a huge amount of people.  Most of the sales in the Charlotte, NC area where I live are hosted by local churches.  They take 30% of the sales, you get 70% and that really is a good deal.  You get so much more money than if you just had a yard sale.  The churches usually use the money to put on the sales and the rest goes to charities.

After you sign up for a sale, the next duty is going through your “stuff”, getting clothes on hangers, entering the items into the computer, printing the tags and attaching the tags.  It’s a big job but very worth it!  The stuff takes over my dining room for almost a month.

Dining room pre sale preparation madness:

consignment 12

And post madness:

consignment 11 consignment 10 consignment 9 consignment 8

The best way to take advantage of a consignment sale is to consign some items yourself and volunteer for some shifts.  Doing this gets you early entry to the sales before the public and with a smaller group of people.  The pickings are more plenty and the check out lines are shorter.  It is so worth it!  Also during the shifts you work, you are actually placing things on the floor to be sold so you get a sneak peak BEFORE everyone else.  This is the kind of thing I get so excited about!

Pictures of the Weddington Kids Consignment Sale:  I worked like a dog at this one and it definitely paid off!


My Loot from the Weddington Kids Consignment Sale:

Consignment Sales 3Consignment Sales 5

The plastic wagon was $30.  It’s in great shape and the kids love it!  The crocodile teeter tauter was a big hit too – only $10, but Vinnie fell off it once and bumped his head so he won’t get on it now.  I’m sure he’ll warm back up to it over the summer.

First Baptist Indian Trail Kids Consignment Sale: I just consigned at this one.  No work but good shopping

Consignment sales 2

My personal stats for the 2 sales:

Items Tagged: 241

Hours Worked: 16

Hours Shopped: 4

Items Purchased: 119

How much money do I have left over after selling and purchasing? None.  I actually spent $22 more than I made.  However if I had purchased everything I bought new from a retail store it would’ve cost me well over $1000 so it’s all good!

Warning watch out for the pins and tags… they are everywhere after you bring everything home to be washed.  Then just enjoy your bargains!


I hope you can find a good one near you!