Before I was introduced to Beautycounter I had no idea what Rosewater was or why it was useful.  At first I had no desire to even try the product because I didn’t see the point.  Then I started using it and discovered that I really liked spritzing it on my face every day after washing and before moisturizing.  And I even keep a small bottle in my purse to use throughout the day.


I know that it hydrates my skin and gives me a botanical boost but I wanted to do a little more research to see what the benefits of this stuff really are.  This is what I found:

Rosewater is created by distilling rose petals, the rose oil is extracted for perfume while rosewater is re-purposed as a food flavoring and used in many beauty products.  Rosa Damascena is the variety of rose used in Beautycounter’s Uplifting Spray.  There are two other varieties used regularly in today’s rose-based products Rosa Centifolia, and Rosa Gallica.  Do not be fooled by synthetic rose extracts as these provide no therapeutic value – you need the real thing.


 Benefits of Rosewater:

  • anti-inflammatory – works very well under the eyes!
  • antibacterial
  • antiseptic
  • purifies, detoxifies, removes dirt and oil – can use it as a cleanser/toner
  • stimulates blood circulation beneath the skin
  • encourages new skin cell growth
  • balances pH levels
  • treats dermatitis, eczema, acne and sunburn.
  • has zero side effects, making it safe for everyone even babies and the elderly.
  • prevents infection
  • prevents scarring
  • conditions hair and scalp
  • sooths tired eyes – can be used in place of saline
  • sooths gums, strengthens teeth and freshens breath
  • powerful anti-depressant effect that soothes the nerves, lifts the mood and eases tension of the body and mind – works as a great aromatherapy in the air or in your bath
  • treats ulcers
  • high blood pressure, indigestion and poor circulation


All of this and the cost is far less than most commercial skin care products.  You can even make your own if you are so inclined.

I highly recommend that you try it.  I won’t ever give it up that’s for sure.