You think I’m kidding?  I’m dead serious.  Not serious that this can actually happen but serious that this is what I was told as a pre-teen when the skin on the ends of my fingers would peel all the time.

They looked similar to this:

peeling hands

So,  I had icky, peeling skin on the ends of all my fingers and the dermatologist told me I was allergic to my sweat and then he gave me some sort of “salve” to rub on them every night.  Right now, I could not tell you the name of the Dr., the diagnosis or the cream he gave me to put on but I do remember that when I did put it on it stunk and it stunk awful.  I wonder what was in it?  But better yet.  I wonder what was really causing the skin on the ends of my fingertips to peel?  What kind of soap, shampoo and conditioner was I using back then.  I honestly can’t tell you right now but I wish I knew.  Because I would warn you not to use it!  Ugh!

This mayo clinic article tells the most obvious reasons you might have peeling skin:


None of which are you might be allergic to your sweat.  But I was probably allergic to something I was using at that time… who knows what!

Just letting you know!