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Yup! You read that right!

Check it out!

I was invited to this soiree called “dinner’s done” and I was promised 9 meals in gallon freezer bags to throw in the freezer if I did the following:

1. Purchase $65 worth of Pampered Chef spices and sauces.

2. Buy a set list of groceries (cost me around $100)

3. Bring gallon zip locks and a cooler to take all my stuff home in.

So… this is what I started with:



Then we started to build meals…


IMG_20140412_154140_482 IMG_20140412_161500_161

Below is Heather Collea!  My Pampered Chef Rep/Beautycounter Client/Awesome New Friend!

And I met her because we are both building businesses and we were introduced by a mutual friend. (Thanks Colleen!)


Heather can be found  here. Pampered Chef has some AWESOME Mother’s Day ideas including new gardening tools that are only available in April!  Check them out!

So we built and we built and we laughed a lot too!  Here is my cooler half full!



And when I left I still had some spices and garlic infused oil left over to use.


I broke out one of the dishes for dinner Wednesday night.  We had Tex-Mex Chicken.  It was really good!

I do have one suggestion though.  The recipe has instructions for either crock pot, rock crock or deep covered baker (the latter two being Pampered Chef items).  I have the deep covered baker but opted to use my crock pot since we were going to be home all day.  So when I was ready to put in frozen (as per instructions) it looked like this:


Rock solid and I couldn’t even put the top on.  It took a bit longer than expected to cook but the next time I make one (tomorrow night) I will just let it thaw enough to move things around a bit so they fit snugly.  The dish was delicious and it was fantastic not having to worry about.. what’s for dinner!  I just prepared some rice to have with it and we were done!  Can’t wait to try another tomorrow!

Here is a pick of the final product in the crock:


Honestly it’s almost calming to have that back up ready to go if I need it.  (FYI- the cooking times in the Rock Crock and and the Deep Covered Baker are much shorter… like under an hour so I might try that next time)

Heather tells me that she is planning more of these “dinner’s done” parties and they are becoming a huge hit.  They are planning for specialty meals too… ex. gluten free, diabetic and paleo to name a few.  Cannot wait to see what they come up with!

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