I started a business just over a year ago.  At that time my daughter, Gianna, was 2.5 and my son Vinnie, was 1.  What was I thinking?  Ha!  There are so many perks to being your own boss especially if you are based from the home.

Like letting the kids help me advertise:

Gianna and Vinnie in tub with BC

But there are also pitfalls.  There has to be balance between your work life and your home life every day.

I’ve come up with 5 must do’s for Mompreneurs.

1.  Create your OWN space!  I don’t care how big this space is and it certainly doesn’t have to be devoted to an entire room.  Get a spot, make it your own, post your inspirations, your quotes, your pictures.  This will help you create and be inspired so you can in turn inspire others.

2. The BIG 3!  Devote 3 musts for every day.  They can be big or small… but be realistic!  1 of your 3 might be clean the kitchen floor!  Make your “BIG” list of things that need to be done and pick your top “3” that NEED to be done today and do them.  Your sense of accomplishment will be much greater!

3. Carve out time for YOU!  Once a week you NEED to get a pedicure, a massage or even just go to the grocery store by yourself!  No kids!  This small mission creates an amazing purpose and sense of well being!

4. Journal.  If you are not already… do this.  Journal about anything in your head.  I, at first, had trouble with this.  I cannot sit and just write about random things about myself!  I am too busy!  I have WAY too much to do! (these were my thoughts) BUT, here’s the thing… once you start doing it, it creates amazing results for you as a person and in every aspect of the life you are trying to create.  Do it and do it now.  It doesn’t have to be first thing in the morning or last thing at night. You do it when it suits you but just do it!  And if you start with just writing what you did that day, that’s fine.  Keep going!  It will open up so many doors for you!

5. PLAY with your kids!

Slumber Party!

Slumber Party!

My kids are young, 3.5 and 2 but I do send them to school for a few hours every day.  I need it and they need it.  They love to go and see their teachers and friends and I love the time to get things done without kids.  BUT it also makes me cherish those moments when my kids are here.  My favorite part of the day is picking them up at school.  It’s like I’m a celebrity every day!  The welcome is amazing.

I hope some of these tips help you out and allow you to follow your dreams in owning your own successful business.

Let me know your thoughts.


Be Informed. Be Safe. Be Healthy.