So I found out sorta recently that bacon is a “clean eating” item.  Boy was I psyched!  It was something that I stayed away from due to the fat content in it but now I eat it a lot more!  The best part is you don’t need much. Bacon gives you a BIG bang for it’s buck! I discovered a great way to cook a pound up ahead a time without much fuss.  Check it out. Be sure to buy thin sliced bacon.  The thick bacon takes much longer: IMG_20140503_121742_035 Spray a cookie sheet or two with cooking spray.  Lay the bacon on the sheets. IMG_20140503_122316_811 Place the sheets in the oven. THEN turn the oven to 350. Yes!  You put them in a cold oven! IMG_20140503_122343_732   Set your timer for 20 minutes. IMG_20140503_122406_808 Walk away.  After 20 minutes you get this: IMG_20140503_124619_537 Grab them with tongs and throw them on a plate lined with a paper towel. IMG_20140503_130922_843 Then I throw them in a zip lock bag.  Ready to pull out to put in eggs or over a salad or on my grilled chicken or burger. Good stuff!  Can’t believe I never did this before! I hope you’ll give it a try.  Let me know.   Be Informed. Be Safe. Be Healthy.   Cheers, Heather