So this may surprise most of you but I like beer.  I like the taste, the texture and the essence of BEER.  This was not always the case.  I learned about beer, how it’s made, why it tastes different etc. etc.  and then I traveled.   I am partial to a good IPA.  It’s like a meal in a glass!

So…. when I suggested to my other half, Jeff that we get a kegerator…. he was all for it.  What a novel idea.  And here it is!

This is the fridge… we got it on Craig’s list for $200.


Jeff installed the taps and drip tray of course.   Here is the inside…


He made a “base” for the bottom and painted it black so that the kegs could sit on it.  Currently we only have  a 1/6 keg of an amazing IPA from Triple C Brewery from right here in Charlotte, NC!  Usually we have a second keg of a lighter beer like Corona Light.  It cuts down on cost and recycling waste!  Good stuff all around!

What do you think?  Do any of you drink beer too?