I woke up at the crack of dawn (6AM) to the sound of Gianna (almost 4) flushing the toilet down the hall.  When I looked at the clock I knew that I had to get up and dressed quick so that we could get to the first sale by 7!

So I got ready and then found her back in her room with the door shut.  When I opened the door she was grabbing the handle on the other side and I think I startled her.  She gave out a big “What?”  Ha Ha Ha. I said, “Gianna, today is the day we go to the yard sale, are you ready?” “Oh” she says. ” the art sale… so exciting!” I said “no, not art sale… YARD sale.” “Oh okay Mommy.”

We get downstairs and it’s still dark.  Gianna says, “Mommy, it’s still dark outside”  I said “Yes it is!  When you go to a yard sale you have to get up very early so you can get there first because the early bird gets the worm!” Her response: “Mommy, that’s disgusting”

I really thought I might pee my pants before we even left when she said that! So we got in the car and off we went!



It was very foggy that morning.  I had to drive carefully!


Selfie at our first stop.  She was very excited but it didn’t stop her from taking a nap on the way!


Tinkerbell stuff is always a good find.  A wall hanging and pillow for only $3!  We also found some DVD’s and a My Little Pony Ferris wheel complete with a bunch of ponies for only $8.  I knew this would be hard to top!

Gianna picked out a DVD and books for her brother too.  It’s nice that she was thinking about him.

Our second stop:


Still very foggy but we made it through.  She ran straight for more pink toys so I knew this wasn’t going to last.  We walked through and I told her that the items she was looking at were way to expensive.  She went with it.  Yay!

After that I was going to hit one more spot but she was ready to pack it in.  Being up since 6AM and hitting two yard sales was very tiring for her.

We were home by 8:30AM and she was thrilled to give her little brother the gifts she had found for him.  Very cute.

All in all I think it was a good date.  There’s really not much to it but we were able to spend some one on one time together.

What will we do next?  Stay tuned!


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