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The Tall and Short of It


About two months ago I was perusing Instagram and came across an invitation for a conversation being hosted by some consultants of BEAUTYCOUNTER at a store in NYC. I recalled seeing the name as well as gold embossed bottles numbered 1, 2, and 3 popping up around the green beauty blog circuit and visited the website. The three pillars that stuck out to me instantly were that it is chic, safe,  and effective. Check, check, check. I decided to stop by the event and see what it was all about. I immediately was greeted by one of the most welcoming, energetic and friendly people I have ever met: Annie Sullivan. She told me about why she joined the team and after some chatting we found out that we live in the same town! We instantly bonded and have developed a great friendship (she was even kind enough to include Kerry and I on her blog as featured fabulous females!) Not…

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