About Heather

Heather was born and raised in Oswego, NY.   After she graduated with her business degree she spent almost 20 years working in the Energy Industry and still dabbles there when the work arises.  In her teens and through her twenties she battled with severe anxiety disorder but refused to let her keep her down.  Her job right out of college offered travel but it was not required.  She did it anyhow even though she was deathly afraid of stepping foot on an airplane.  She refused to let fear rule her life or keep her down so she flew.  She soared actually.  At that point in her life medication was not an option as she did not like the way it made her feel… it made her even more anxious.  So she discovered Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  This therapy is a holistic approach that gets you to face your fears step by step in your mind first by using desensitization and it worked!  She also used meditation, yoga and diet to keep her anxiety in check.  She fought her fears and faced her demons all while dashing from country to country for business and leisure, Platinum Preferred and First Class all the way.  12 Countries and two kids later she had to slow down a bit.

Gianna Grace was born on 10/10/10 and Vinnie was born on just 16 months later.  They have brought immense joy to both Heather and Jeff.  Family started a bit late in life for them but got what they wanted eventually.

Fast forward to April 2013.  Heather got a phone call from a close friend who was all abuzz about a new social selling company called Beautycounter.  Because this friend worked in the dermatology business and Heather trusted her judgment she knew she at least had to check it out.  Heather started reading and then she watched this video:


She was hooked and signed up to be a consultant that day.

Heather started looking at the products she and her family were using and couldn’t believe what she found.  Known toxins everywhere, even in the baby wash.  Heather had absolutely no selling experience she knew she had to press on.  She knew that Beautycounter’s mission to get safe products into the hands of everyone had to be spread.  She wanted to shout it from the rooftops and educate anyone who would listen.

Now she is ready to take her journey a step further.  Keeping her consultancy with Beautycounter, Heather is determined to keep researching and keep finding personal products and cleaning products that are safe alternatives.

She has found a new passion with teaching and training mothers with daughters about this important issue.  In hopes of creating a bond between mother and daughter and perhaps even some common ground for those that may have some termoil between them.  This is what Beauty on a Mission will do for you.  Come join the movement!


Be Informed. Be Safe. Be Healthy.