Product Safety

Are Your Products Safe?

additivesThere is a strong connection between our health and what we’re exposed to in our daily environment. There are more than 80,000 chemicals on the market today and we know little about the safety of many of them. Consider these facts:

  • On average American women use 12 beauty products a day
  • These beauty products expose use to over 100 chemicals!
  • 1938 was the last year government passed any law on the safety of cosmetic ingredients

Common Myths About Beauty
Products:harmful ingredients

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1. The cosmetics industry makes sure all ingredients meet safety standards|
› The FDA has no authority to require companies to test products.
2. If it’s on the shelf it must be safe
› In it’s 30 year history, the Cosmetic’s Safety Panel has assessed fewer than 20% of cosmetic ingredients.
3. The government prohibits dangerous chemicals in personal care products
› Cosmetic companies can use any ingredient they want.  The industry is self regulated.